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Our Mission


Bright Key® is a community schools program for Dothan City Schools dedicated to meeting the comprehensive needs of every student. We focus on fostering growth by considering all facets of a student’s life that includes his/her family, school and community. We believe the success of this program can only be accomplished by listening to the parents, teachers and community members and by acting on the needs of those stakeholders.


Bright Key® is a revolutionary concept that turns schools into energized centers for services focused on the whole child. Bright Key® is unique for each school and the programs and services offered at each location are based on the needs of the students and parents of those schools.



The Bright Key® Process 


Bright Key® is completely stakeholder driven. Stakeholders are parents, teachers and community members (businesses, churches, etc.) involved with the school. 


The process starts with meetings where stakeholders talk about their school and offer their ideas to strengthen student achievement. From there a Lead Team is formed, consisting of the school’s resource coordinator, teachers, faculty, parents and community members to narrow organize those ideas, propose a mission, long and short term goals, and program areas.  These are presented back to the stakeholders for approval, and work begins.  Each program area has its owns Team to design and implement the activities.  Programs focus on the students, but activities are developed for families as well.  The Bright Key® Resource Coordinator assists by running the daily activities, pulling in resources from the community and neighboring businesses, and finding organizations to partner with the school to accomplish the stakeholder goals. 


Once programs are in place, the stakeholders evaluate the success of the program and determine if the next steps for Bright Key® at their school.


For more information about Bright Key®, please contact the Bright Key® Resource Coordinator at your school-Heard ElementaryHighlands Elementary, Morris Slingluff ElementarySelma Street Elementary.



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