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Our Goals


The Whole Child—Every Child

Academic achievement is at or above state averages

Student achievement reflects their individual best work

Students are healthy

Student behavior is excellent

Student attendance is high

More students are actively involved in their education

Students enjoy school; enjoy learning

Students leave grade 5 fully prepared to be successful in middle school


The Whole Family

Family health and wellness improves

Families are actively involved in their children’s education

Families value education and advocate for schools

Family economic capacity improves


The Whole School

Student, Teacher, and Parent satisfaction is high

Enrollment increases

Test scores move to the top quartiles

Schools enjoy excellent image and reputation

Excellent teachers want to work at these schools

Other schools want to emulate the model


The Whole Community

Is proud of their school

Sees the school as a place of service and solutions

Assumes responsibility for development of the school

Works together to strengthen and enhance

Advocates for the community school environment any middle school; anywhere in state and national measures and the community it serves the community around the school for their children’s middle and high school experience


Key markers have been selected for some goals. These are listed below. Others in the areas of family and neighborhood health and wellness will be added as schools develop programming. Stakeholder teams and Bright Key® partners and staff will use evaluations formatively to improve the program every step of the way. We also plan to issue public reports at least annually to celebrate successes and identify steps we will take to improve outcomes. 




Student attendance

Class grades

Student behavior



Student self-assessment of their academic abilities and satisfaction with BK programs

Parent satisfaction with their school and assessment of their child’s progress

Teacher satisfaction with their school and assessment of the value of BK in achieving educational goals



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