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 “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” said Albert Einstein. Decades of research show that the arts help all students learn and succeed. When coupled with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) or literature, art can unlock areas of a child’s brain that can only enhance their success in core subject areas.


Through a partnership with the Cultural Art Center, art is offered biweekly to all students at Highlands. All art lessons follow the Alabama standards of art education.  This year students will study “Art School for Kids: The Masters.”  Students will learn about the “Masters of Art” and how they viewed art and the world around them.  Emphasis on studying each artist’s technique and history will guide students to a better understanding of how to create dynamic works of art using these techniques.  A finished portfolio of artwork will be sent home at the end of the year. 



Color mixing, geometry, nature, chemistry and thoughtful design processes all played a valuable role in creating many of history’s most prized art pieces. The fall semester’s creative process connects art to science and aligns with the STEAM concept: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.



Famous artists have always used literature as a springboard for their artistic vision. The spring semester’s creative process connects art to literature by helping students improve sequencing and vocabulary. In addition, this program enables students to create art related to a specific book in each art class.

We are thankful to Michelin and our continued partnership with the Cultural Arts Center for making art education a reality for every student at our school.




For more information about the Arts program, please contact Resource Coordinator, Brittany Shepard at 334-794-1459.   







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