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Bright Key®’s Mission


Bright Key® is a community schools program for Dothan City Schools dedicated to meeting the comprehensive needs of every student. We focus on fostering growth by considering all facets of a student’s life that includes his/her family, school and community. We believe the success of this program can only be accomplished by listening to the parents, teachers and community members and by acting on the needs of those stakeholders.


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Our Staff


Meet our dynamic staff at Bright Key® and learn how we help work with students each day to help with their comprehensive needs.


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Our trusted partners at Bright Key® are essential and we could not offer our programs at local schools without their help.


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Parents are crucial to the success of Bright Key®. As the parent of a Bright Key® student, we want you to be involved.


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How do I request a program?

We love new ideas and feedback. They are the foundation of the Bright Key® program. Please become involved with your school’s stakeholder meetings to contribute to the discussions about the programs and services for your school. Visit your school’s Bright Key® Facebook page or contact the resource coordinator at your school, to see when the next stakeholder meeting will take place.



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Press Releases & Articles

Read more about our programs, upcoming events, & recent news.







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